Communicate Your Brand and Personality Through an Original Layout

Communicate Your Brand and Personality Through an Original Layout

The Importance Of An Original Web Layout

Imagine this

A user opens your website. It’s the millionth one they’ve seen and your layout feels familiar to them. Everything is where they expect it to be as they scan for a few moments. Then they close the window and your site fades from their memory.

Now the reader opens your competitor’s website and has a different experience. The brand is clearly communicated and the user experience is exciting and different from the dozens of similar websites. The reader happily scans through the content and remembers this website as one of their favorites – forgetting all about your own site!

…what happened? 

You may have actually had better content that your competitor, but because you couldn’t capture the attention of your reader, they passed over you.


Communicate a Personality and Brand Identity Through Your Website.

Internet users are bombarded with options, distractions, and similar information from dozens of sites. To grab the user's attention, create a website that stands out from the competition.   Be careful not to go overboard: building something to show your creative genius might confuse the reader.

Ask yourself: “What do my readers associate with my brand/website/content?” 

Your readers should be able to describe your brand and personality after a few seconds on your site. This can be done through animations, navigation, font, writing style, logos, code, etc. Think carefully about this step.

Remember that branding helps people differentiate you from your competitor and to quickly judge content quality.

Some Of Our Favorites

If you want to get better at creating a better web layout to improve customer retention and interaction, there are a lot of great sites to look through and find inspiration.


"Your customers are living online. Is your site kicking ass and taking names? " – Barry Feldman


Here are some of our favorite sites


Scrolling through this website is smooth and entertaining. As you pass through each page,   the bicycle and background change, creating a fun theme for each one.

Edward Carvalho Monaghan

A portfolio website for designer Edward Carvalho Monaghan filled with color and energy. The style and identity of the artist is clear throughout each piece.

The Boat

A dynamic story told through scrolling and web animations. The artwork and sounds that go with the website add character and excitement to the story.

Strange Love

Crystal clear design and branding for a digital strategy company. Their navigation is simple and conveys their focused personality to the reader.


Here's a free pro tip

Look at websites that are great, but also those that are mediocre. What are they doing wrong?

Try to make some critiques of these websites that aren't perfect. If you understand how to create a better website, you will draw more readers and build your brand as an authority in the reader's mind.


"The layout is the foundation of your website. It guides the user through the sections and tells them what is most important. It also sets the aesthetic of the website. Therefore, you need to carefully think through how you lay out content." - Shavaughn Haack


Designing an original and innovative web layout can seem overwhelming.

The priority is giving the user a unique experience that clearly communicates your website's personality.

This can include the personality of the service you provide. Don't overwhelm them with options, focus on the most important items you want to communicate and how you can do so in a creative way.

If you follow the principals outlined here, you will find inspiration from both quality and mediocre websites. The core of your layout should always revolve around the user experience. Focus on offering innovative and engaging design to enhance user experience and tend to their needs.