What You Need to Know About UX vs UI Design

What You Need to Know About UX vs UI Design

There are many paths to become a web designer.

Some are educated through a related college degree, while others make the transition from a different career.

Regardless of where you started, you should know the difference between UX and UI design.

In this article we will outline some differences between the two and give you some free helpful tips to speed up your success!

UX designers create a logical end-to-end experience

Your role as a UX designer will revolve around solving the user’s problems. Your users might be using a website, an app, or any number of services.


Here are some easy tips to jump start your exciting new career in UX design.


1.    Be ready to solve the user’s problems

An interest in people and technology mix well together. The UX designer has to create a logical end-to-end experience using the technology (of course), but must be able to think like the user.

What are the most important benefits of this experience? What painful experience are you helping the user avoid?

You should be detail-oriented, able to learn quickly, and willing to accept feedback.


2.    Engage yourself in the community and with mentors

Communities allow you to engage with other designers and gain feedback. You can also network at events and find new potential mentors. Start with UXPA for a more formal approach, or something casual, such as r/userexperience on Reddit.

When forming new professional connections, keep your expectations within reason. You might scare people away if you approach them and immediately ask for a job. Nurture your new relationships.


3.    Learn as much as you can

The internet has a large amount of quality resources for all levels of web design. Make your goal to always learn something new — your new career will thank you!


Here are some examples of all the resources available to you


UX Matters
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UX Basics


Don’t Make Me Think
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Understanding UI design principles

Your role as a UI designer will focus on communicating the product brand to the user through visual elements.It is important that you translate the brand in an intuitive and visually pleasing way.


If you’re thinking about jumping into the world of UI design, consider the following

1. Keep things clear and simple

Understand how your user thinks. What are they looking for? What are they not looking for? If you can answer these questions, then you can design an interface that feels responsive and intuitive to the user. They should be easily guided through each step that was outlined by the UX designer.

Remember no matter how beautiful the application is, if it is difficult to use, that will likely mean disaster.

2. Raise your standards

Consistency in UI design is important. The user expects a motion or gesture to work the same on each page, or a double-click here will be the same as a double-click there. To do this, you will need visual design standards.

Having design standards will make:
• Lower training costs
• Lower support costs
• Consistent user experience

A happier user is more likely to continue working with your service!

3. Learn as much as you can

As stated before, the internet is a huge resource for web design. You might find a little less than if you were hunting for UX designer information, but don’t let that discourage you!


Here are some ways to get the most out of your quest to be the ultimate UI designer


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Online L E S S O N S

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UI is communication
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“…UI is the icing, the plates, the flavor, the utensils, and the presentation. UX is the reason we’re serving cake in the first place, and why people would rather eat it than hamburgers.”- Craig Morrison, Head of Product at RecordSetter, Founder of Usability Hour

The UX designer develops the framework of the entire experience. A product must logically flow from one end to the other.

Creation in this phase consists of understanding what the customer wants, developing prototypes, and testing to improve the end-to-end experience.

The UI designer cares about how the product is laid out. They make sure the product visually communicates to the logical path that the UX designer has laid out.

Creation in this phase consists of understanding the intent of the UX designer, designing the look & feel of a product, and managing the user interaction through visual elements.

UX/UI are deeply connected processes. Depending on the project needs, there can be overlab between the two styles. It would be valuable to train yourself to understand both.

Plan to gain knowledge on usability and function (UX), along with creating a visually pleasing product (UI).

This will help your team work efficiently and create a quality, useful, attractive product.