Cinemagraph As a Trend of 2018

       Did you know that “Cinemagraph” is one of the upcoming trends in web-design? If internet predictions are anything to go by, it’s gonna be the most popular in 2018.

       Cinemagraphs are static images that contain an element of subtle motion: wingbeat of a butterfly, eyes blinking or a dog's tail wagging. The main difference between cinemagraphs and GIF animation lies in the fact that the image isn’t fully animated but only some of its elements are. In this manner, a designer can concentrate the audience’s attention on that fragment which he or she needs to.  

      Let’s take a short look at the history of cinemagraphs which begins from February 2011. During New York’s illustrious Fashion Week, Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck, a web designer and a photographer, united to animate a set of the latter’s images. The result of their collaboration attract a great interest from the fashion community. As consequence, Beck and Burg came up with a name “cinemagraphs” to describe this kind of mix of dynamic photos.


       Here are some of the cinemagra which just will take your breath away….


       From that time cinemagraphs become more and more popular. There are lots of articles, discussions and amazing predictions about cinemagraphs but there are also only a few people who really use it. Why is it happen in such a way? Some designers say that it’s really hard and time-taking to find the material for work in this style. Others believe that cinemagraphs make the site speed slower. Nevertheless, cinemagraphs work and seem to be one of the most effective ways of attracting a bit of attention to the website.

       Paying attention to cinemagraphs on a website we should keep in mind that human eye is naturally attracted by motion, therefore the usage of cinemagraphs by brands has increased significantly through social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram etc. A specific feature of cinemagraph is its ability to draw attention to small details and to enhance the effect of the picture. To conclude, cinemagraphs are easier and simpler than videos, yet catchier than still photos.

       In order to attract the interest in some events or campaigns brands also choose cinemagraphs. They use them for their website to add a little spice and some glamour.

       All things considered, we can say that cinemagraphs take an important place on the web and if you’re pitching a new campaign to your client and need some fresh ideas you can definitely use them.