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Opulent Jewelers is a luxury boutique selling the world’s most coveted designer jewelry pieces and luxury wristwatches at competitive prices, all with a guarantee of authenticity. 

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The Chalenge

For the jewelry store, where purchasing through the web takes the lion's share of the whole profit, its website is the face of the company. The main challenge we’ve faced working with Opulent Jewelers was to make an outdated and non user-friendly online shop, look so as to express the luxury and uniqueness of the brand.


The client was offered a more convenient directory and cart page structure, which made the ordering process faster and as a result - increased the number of sales through the store in times. The main page was created in a promo style to drag the user's attention to the jewelry and remove the page overload. One of the main stages of project development was the navigation structure and site sections improvement. The menu was made more convenient so that the user can immediately navigate the site without any problems finding easily what (s)he needs.


As a result, a fully responsive design was developed as per the customer’s needs. Much attention was paid to the content and its format, as it affects the level of interest among users. Clear, modern, and user-friendly interface, high-quality graphics - all simple, stylish and tasteful.