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Imagine a cozy coffee shop in the center of Khmelnitsky city. Expensive equipment for making hot drinks is at Swiss personnel’s disposal. Coffee is fragrant, invigorating. Young people are allured by the bright contrast design and cozy atmosphere of the place.
Since it sells coffee, and coffee is a perfect drink for the young people, the coffee shop is focused on serving at the young people mostly. It is pleasant to spend time with a family or friends after studies or a hard working day here.

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Logo Development

Brand Identity

The Chalenge

Our main objective was to develop a bright, eye-catching design, distinct from the gray mass of many similar signboards and other coffee spots. In that context, colors, fonts and the logo itself shouldn't have been associated with the other coffee shops, but with the establishment of our client only.


The thorough study of the brand popular coffee houses of the world was carried out. After tons of paper wasted and millions of ideas brainstormed, the successful version was finally found. Special color selection was additionally made to make the brand taste delicious. So, red and chocolate turned out to be the winners of the color pallet.


On the basis of this information, the desired result was successfully achieved. The image of a coffee shop turned bright,"hot" and memorable. It differs from the mass, indeed. The logo stands out on the red background perfectly. The combination of chocolate and red looks first-rate: chocolate makes it appetizing, while red drags attention.


If you ask what inspires us? 

That's obvious - we appeal to have a hand in the creating of great projects. 

Every client, regardless of the size or scope of the project, can expect nothing but the best customer service and competence from the skilled, dedicated and results-driven team.


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